Business Administration Why Should It Be Preferred?

Business Administration; globalization and fierce competition, in today’s business world where rapid changes are experienced, are extremely critical elements for businesses to sustain their existences for a long time and gain competitive advantage. These elements cause businesses to restructure their management policies and approaches and changes in expectancies in employee profiles that they prefer.

Fundamentally, businesses prefer employees who are able to participate efficiently in international operations as well as nationally; hence will have no difficulty in adjusting to different cultures, produce creative and value added information, use contemporary management approaches and English as it is a universal language in a way that will fulfill the requirements of the modern business world, and finally employees equipped with high intellectual profundity.

In this context, primary objectives of PhD in Business Administration program  in English are both to bring in scientists who can both plan and execute academic studies in international platform to the academic world,  to move forward in the scientific field, and to train people with master’s degree in related departments to  become specialists in management and  business administration.

If there are not enough student applications to continue the program, the program does not open.

Prof. Dr. Beliz ÜLGEN


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