Why Choose a Master Degree?

On the scope of globalization, commercial borders have been eliminated as the science of business has started to operate in national and international settings. In this sense, many international companies started to conduct their businesses in our country, thus they have introduced their own cultures and strategies.

On the other side, english language is the mostly spoken language throughout the business environment.  In this perspective, there is a need to educate students taking the business terminology and logic/philosophy into consideration. Furthermore, the students should be collaborated with the business environment as well. On this notion, it is known that companies seek qualified students to be placed in their national and international departments who are keen on the english language and know the business terms and strategies well enough to apply them to the real business environment.

It is also possible that such students can have job opportunities over seas. The overall goal of this program is to meet the expectations set forth. The major contribution considered within the scope of this program is its being in the foreign (english) language and including numerous case studies to integrate the business world with the academic field of study. Thus, the program is more implementation oriented rather than theory oriented.On this globe, mid and upper-level managers employed at nationally and internationally reputable companies will be invited as guest speakers to share their experiences in the classrooms. It is believed that the graduates of this program will be more likely to be employed at reputable national and international companies.

Prof. Dr. Beliz ÜLGEN


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